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Posted June 10th, 2011 by Angelica and filed in Uncategorized

I am pleased to announce that there is a new Angelica’s Garden product available exclusively at the Wedge. After much tinkering and ruminating I came up with my own version of the Eastern European/Russian beverage Kvass. Some versions of kvass are made with cereal grains and even bread, however, beet kvass is also a common version.  My kvass is made with beets, apple and ginger. I absolutely love drinking this stuff. It’s also my anecdote to the kombucha craze, which in my opinion is overblown. Kombucha does have health benefits, but folks, it’s made with sugar and tea. Instead, I believe fermenting actual food to create nutrition is the way to go. The raw beets are fermented in a brine and raw apple and raw ginger juice are added to it when it is bottled and allowed to ferment for an additional period of time. This bubbly drink is only slightly sweet and is meant mostly as a tonic to improve digestion and add probiotics to gut flora. All ingredients are certified organic, however it takes my certifier up to 10 months to approve a new product for certification, so certification is pending. If you shop at the Wedge give it a try. If the kvass goes over well, you may see it in your local co-op down the road.

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  1. Kelly says:

    The girls and I love your beet Kvass! Is it also sold at a farm near me? Have you thought any more about that facebook page? I’d be happy to “share” your new product with all of my friends!

  2. Angelica says:

    Hey Kelly,
    Just let me know how much you guys would like and yes, the kvass will come your way. Just give me a hollar and we can set something up. Yep, I’ve gotta get a facebook page going for the business. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Mary says:

    Ann- Thanks for making this! I was so excited to see it at the Wedge last night. One question: is your Kvass vegan? I know some people use whey, but I didn’t see that on the ingredient list, so I wasn’t sure.

  4. Angelica says:

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the question about the kvass. You betcha it’s vegan. It is somewhere on the label,
    but my home-made labels are not the easiest to read. I hope you get a chance to try it. I
    personally love it. When I start my initial ferment, it’s just beets, well water and sea salt.
    I add the ginger and apple juice later on. Please comment back on what you think of it if you
    get a chance to try it. Thanks! -Angelica

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  6. Rose Zvoda says:

    Will your Kvass be at Willy Street in Madison? I have been wanting to try this for quite some time and can’t wait to find it closer to where I live!

  7. Angelica says:

    Thanks Rose for the question. I’m hoping to get this product into Willy Street next year. Right now I’m working out a lot of kinks in production and packaging. It’s a different animal than the kraut and kim chi and I am still tweeking the recipe. Also, I guarenteed the Wedge an exclusive to this product for a while as I work out the kinks. I wish I could offer it to you sooner! As soon as it’s available at Willy Street I will post it on my sight. Thanks again!

  8. Rose Zvoda says:

    Thanks for responding. I may just have to take a road trip to the Wedge!!

  9. Mary Beth says:

    YUM! I love your Kvass! Thank you for providing it at the Wedge Coop where I shop almost daily.

  10. Angelica says:

    Thanks Mary Beth so much for your comment about the kvass. It’s great to have feedback from customers like yourself about products. I’ll keep the kvass coming and there may be more such beverages coming later in the summer.

  11. Denise says:

    I absolutely love your Kvass and so does my 3 year old son. We drink it everyday. He says it makes him do the happy dance! I was so happy to see it at the Wedge.

  12. Angelica says:

    Thank you Denise. You and your son inspire me! The best to both of you and to your health, Angelica

  13. liz says:

    I <3 these! This is my "go-to" for pre-menstrual week, the beets and ginger help sooth by belly and bloat.

    thank you!!!!

  14. Angelica says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you for your comment about the Beet Kvass. I’m glad it helps your tummy during that time of the month. I’ve noticed it’s also a serious endocrine stabilizer. I’ll have to blog on that here coming up.

  15. Rose says:


    I have been drinking your kvass since it came out, and it has been my favorite drink. I am very sensitive to sweeteners, and I can’t tolerate other drinks. But unfortunately in the last few weeks all the bottles of your kvass that I have bought were significantly sweeter than previously, and I can no longer tolerate it. Did you change the formula? I hope not, really miss my kvass addiction.

  16. Angelica says:

    Hi Rose,
    Thank you for the comment. Sorry for the inconsistency in batches of the kvass. The formula hasn’t changed as far as the ingredients, but the fermentation time varies. Some times I let the secondary ferment go longer with the apple juice rendering the kvass more sour. Other times I cut back on this secondary fermentation time and the apple juice hasn’t completely soured and leaves some sweetness in the kvass. I’ll work on staying with the same fermentation times. I appreciate your comment and will do my best to make a more consistant product.

  17. Rose says:

    Thanks. I know that fermented products will vary a bit. I was just worried that you had changed it to include more apples. But I will try it again, and if it is too sweet I will just leave it out of the fridge for a while to ferment some more.

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