Farm Girl Poetry: Old Iron

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Some gals get their nails done, while others shop til they drop. I prefer the indulgence of a sweet piece of old iron. Oh yeah, nothing warms my heart like tractor parts and equipment that harvests things. Before I was born my mom was hoping for a boy, but she ended up with a crazy daughter who loves the beauty and utility of old iron…

Pictured above is an old International Harvester all-in-one harvester. Eat your heart out. I picked ‘er up at an auction today, dreaming about the small grains I’ll be harvesting in June and July of this year. Most of the farms around here wouldn’t waste their time with this old piece of machinery. In fact, had I not picked up this gem, someone would have bought her for the scrap heap, and another piece of history would have been flushed away. My husband, Mike, is an accomplice in all of this, having a soft spot for old stuff that needs t.l.c. As we were bumbling down the road hauling our new find homeward, he admitted that he could have married a high maintenance gal, but then she would not appreciate his taste in old machinery.

Some may wonder what a sauerkraut farm gal finds so interesting about an old harvester…. Well, our diversified farm also feeds chickens and the occasional pig. And maybe somewhere down the line, Angelica’s Garden Oatmeal? You never know.


4 Responses to “Farm Girl Poetry: Old Iron”

  1. khaiti says:

    “eat your heart out!” this blog totally reflects the spunky lady you are, a total treasure! Make that oatmeal fermented and you’re in business…..

  2. Angelica says:

    Oh, Khaiti, I am in good company with the awsome lady who made duck eggs her mother ship. You go girl!

  3. Karen Bumann says:

    Would’ve loved watching you & husband Mike hauling this “treasure” down the road following the auction! I, too, was a “tomboy” growing up, playing with toy farm implements and farm stuff growing up in rural Iowa. Can’t wait to hear more stories later when you try ‘er out in the field at harvest-time!

  4. Angelica says:

    Hey Karen, Yeah that journey home was a hoot and a hollar. I imagine you experienced and saw a lot of the same goings on growing up in Iowa. Auctions were such a cultural experience. Now they are all going to on-line auctions, which is just not the same. I’ll definitely post when we get that old harvestor running. Thanks for the comment!

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