Taming a Wild Ferment

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I’ve received a few phone calls lately and I figure I need to address the “specialness” of the latest batches of our sauerkraut. What’s been going on is that some of our succulent, delicious sauerkraut has been showing off its wild side by fizzing and foaming out of jars when opened. Normally, this would indicate some sort of problem with most foods; HOWEVER, what this indicates is that our ferment is megafull of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Each of these batches has been fully fermented for over 6 weeks, but this has not hampered the wild beneficial microbes from expressing themselves.

I’d like to point out that other raw sauerkrauts on the market are sometimes made using starter cultures that produce the same kind of bacterial profile from batch to batch (boring). While these sauerkrauts have probiotics in them, they are not the same as our line of fermented vegetables and tonics. We do NOT use commercial starter cultures to make our ferments, but rather, we allow the wild, good bacteria present on produce to take over the fermentation process. In our opinion, this yields a superior tasting product, and batches will vary in probiotic profile, which is better for our health. Our digestive tracts need diversity when it comes to probiotics, as this promotes a strong digestive tract and therefore a healthy immune system. (As an aside, most commercial sauerkrauts like Bubbies have been heat pasteurized which kills all the good bacteria.)

So, getting back to my crazy, fizzy sauerkraut, if you’ve bought a jar and the fizz thing happens, don’t be alarmed. Go ahead and eat some. You’re body with thank you for it. Also, if it makes a huge mess in your kitchen, I am very sorry. I don’t know what else to say. Sometimes good things are messy. If it ends up that most of your product flies out of your jar, please contact me at the number on the label. I promise to make things right. Most importantly, we appreciate all of your support and it is our goal to bring you the highest quality raw ferments available. Thank you and please contact us with any comments or concerns.

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  1. David says:

    Whoa, Nelly! I just opened a jar. Talk about effervescent! I laughed out loud at how explosive it was (multiple times). Thankfully I opened it over a sink. It was the third attempt before I got smart and opened it over a bowl to save some of the liquid, which sprays out like a shower head coupled with a commercial air compressor. Needless to say, the flavor is amazing. Run out and buy some quick, before this batch is all gone! (Purchased at Willy St Coop West in Middleton.)

  2. Angelica says:

    Thanks David! I’m sorry for the mess our sauerkraut made, but I’m so glad you are enjoying the flavor. I appreciate that you understand the value of this batch and I’m glad you are willing to share your thoughts about it.
    In great appreciation, Angelica

  3. Kim says:

    Hello! I have purchased a couple of these jars- both times it seemed the majority of the juice sprayed out of the jar. My biggest question is that the sauerkraut that remains in the jar is sort of dry, without any liquid to soak in. How does this effect the remaining product? I have always thought it was best if it was soaking in the liquid. Thank you. I love your sauerkraut!!!

  4. Angelica says:

    Good queston, Kim. If possible, when you open a jar of the kraut, wash off the jar first and open the jar over a bowl. You can get some of the brine back that way. (I apologize for the inconvenience.) I have jars of kraut from the fizzy batch in my fridge that have virtually no brine in them, and they are all staying in fine shape. I think this batch is just so biologically strong that neither mold nor spoiling bacteria has a chance to cause problems. With that being said, I would suggest consuming the sauerkraut by summer. You can also add salt brine back to the kraut, but it will detract from the flavor. I hope that is enough info. Please let me kknow if you have more questions.
    Thanks, Angelica

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